Tamale's Industry

Des Moines

The Best Tamales in Iowa The Authentic Mexican Food Welcome to Michoacan! Antojitos Mexicanos de Calidad

We have been in business since 1995. At Tamale's Industry we make the best tamales in Iowa. We also make authentic Mexican food. If you want to experience a real Mexican restaurant, with a real Mexican cook who has years of experience, and real Mexican food, then come to Tamale's Industry.

Everything we make is fresh to eat. All you have to do is wait a little bit and we'll make everything ready to eat.

When you come in, expect a nice greeting from the manager or the waiter. They'll sit you down and talk with you a little. Once you take your order, the cook will prepare your delicious meal. After the cook is done, they'll bring your food out to you and then you can enjoy the authentic Mexican food.

Mexican Restaurant in Des Moines